Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the majestic beauty and contrasts of Muscat attractions with Big Bus Tours. While on board our sightseeing tour you’ll discover traditional highlights like the Mutrah Souk and Fort, and modern masterpieces like the Royal Opera House and Parliament. Hop off to explore Muscat’s hidden treasures and rejoin the tour at your leisure.

Did you know...

Residents need to seek official permission to paint houses in a specific colour. This is why the architecture Muscat is so white.

Everything Muscat has to offer

Map your Muscat Adventure

Journey through Muscat with our handy map to discover famous landmarks, markets, 14th century forts and more. Find your location to get started and hop on a Big Bus from nearby stops.

  • PDO Oil & Gas Exhibition
  • Royal Opera House
  • Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art
  • National Museum
  • Children's Museum
  • Qurum Beach
  • Bait Al Baranda Museum
  • Sultan's Armed Forces Museum
  • Marina Bandar Al Rowdha
  • Gate Museum
  • Omani French Museum
  • Currency museum
  • Bait Al Zubair Museum
  • Mutrah Suq
  • Muttrah Fort
  • The Old Quarter
  • Mangrove Lagoon
  • Qurum National Park
  • Ruwi Clock Tower
  • Ruwi
  • Sohar Boat
  • Al Mirani Fort
  • Al Alam Palace
  • Parliament Building/Majlis Oman
  • Watchtower/Incense Burner
  • Muttrah Corniche
  • Al Jalali Fort
  • Tche Café
  • Mumtaz Mahal Restaurant