A traditional Arabian souk experience

Explore one of the oldest markets in the Arab world. The Mutrah Suq is a fascinating maze of fragrant alleyways where you can discover antique treasures, precious gems, souvenirs and rare Asian spices around every corner.

Love a bargain? Then you’ve come to the right place. Haggling is expected in this classic Arabian market, but be prepared to play hard ball, because traders love to barter.

Hop on or off our Muscat Bus Tour at Mutrah Suq, usually at the beginning or end of the tour itinerary, and experience the organised chaos of a traditional Arabian souk.

Take a break

Sip delicious coffee or take a refreshing drink in the traditional café at the entrance. This is a real relic from the past where the market’s elder statesmen gather to discuss the day’s trading. Once fully restored, head back inside and jostle through the crowds to shops selling Omani and Indian artefacts.

Other interesting facts about the Mutrah Suq, Muscat

  • The local name for the Mutrah Suq is Al Dhalam, which means ‘darkness’ in Arabic. That’s because the sun's rays don’t penetrate the wooden ceiling during the day
  • The market was originally constructed from mud and palm leaves, which suited the high temperatures in Muscat
  • The market authorities have added modern amenities in recent years to make it more comfortable for tourists
  • The Mutrah Suq is especially busy during Eid, when Omanis come from all over the country to buy garments and jewels
  • It’s one of the few markets in the world where it’s possible to buy gold, frankincense and myrrh all under one roof