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Our Muscat Hop-on, Hop-off sightseeing Bus tour highlights the most famous landmarks, including Al Alam Palace, the Watchtower and Muttrah Fort. We have 8 stops you can hop-on and hop-off at to visit the best attractions in Muscat.

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Our Muscat Sightseeing Tour

The Big Bus sightseeing tour is carefully designed to take you past Muscat’s greatest landmarks, from the modern Royal Opera House to the traditional Old Quarter and from Royal Palaces to boutique shopping areas. The tour will highlight the rich history of Muscat while showcasing its many attractions.

Our Route

Our Big Bus Muscat tours give you a panoramic tour of the city on-board one of our open-top double decker buses. We have 10 stops where you can hop-on and hop-off to visit top Muscat attractions including, Muttrah Fort, Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, the Watchtower and Al Alam Palace.

  • PDO Oil & Gas Exhibition
  • Royal Opera House
  • Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art
  • National Museum
  • Children's Museum
  • Qurum Beach
  • Bait Al Baranda Museum
  • Marina Bandar Al Rowdha
  • Bait Al Zubair Museum
  • Currency museum
  • Gate Museum
  • Sultan's Armed Forces Museum
  • Omani French Museum
  • Mutrah Suq
  • Muttrah Fort
  • Mangrove Lagoon
  • Ruwi
  • Qurum National Park
  • Ruwi Clock Tower
  • Watchtower/Incense Burner
  • Al Alam Palace
  • Muttrah Corniche
  • Al Mirani Fort
  • Parliament Building/Majlis Oman
  • Sohar Boat
  • Al Jalali Fort
  • The Old Quarter
  • Tche Café
  • Mumtaz Mahal Restaurant


Marina Views Al Saidiaya Street (Muscat PC 100, Oman)
First Stop 10:25
Last Stop 18:25
Marina Views


Al Alam Palace Next to National Museum
First Stop 10:30
Last Stop 18:30
Al Alam Palace


Al Bahri Road (Al Corniche) Next to Dolphin Roundabout
First Stop 10:40
Last Stop 18:40
Al Bahri Road (Al Corniche)


Central Business District Al Jami Street
First Stop 10:10
Last Stop 18:10
Central Business District


Mutrah Suq Mutrah Souq entrance, Al Bahri Road
First Stop 09:00
Last Stop 17:00
Mutrah Suq


Churches & Temples Opposite Al Falaj Hotel
First Stop 09:10
Last Stop 17:10
Churches & Temples


Parliament Al Bustan (Cnr Sidab & Al Bustan Streets)
First Stop 10:20
Last Stop 18:20


Mirani Fort & Harbour Musical Fountians (Al Bahri Road)
First Stop 10:35
Last Stop 18:35
Mirani Fort & Harbour