Muscat’s iconic new centrepiece

Muscat’s new Parliament Building was designed to be the city’s newest iconic landmark and a fitting seat for the national government. Home to both houses of the Majlis ash Shura - Oman’s parliament - as well as the state council, the building has become an instant classic.

The low rise Omani-style architecture, set against the reds and browns of Muscat’s mountains, makes for an impressive sight - and compelling photo op. Hop off our Muscat Bus Tour right outside and snap away at the city’s newest must-visit attraction.

Let there be light

A fan of innovative lighting? Then check out the Parliament Building at night, dramatically lit by a variety of well-paced spotlights. Using modern LED technology and underground lighting fixtures, the designers were able to illuminate the whole 38-metre high wall with a controlled washing effect over almost all of the surface.

Other interesting facts about the Parliament Building, Muscat

  • The site for the Parliament Building is more than 100,000 square metres (1,076,000 square feet)
  • The building has more than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) of façade
  • The iconic centrepiece of the building is the 64-metre (209 feet) high clock tower, the highest in Oman
  • Each of the clocks used in the tower is 4.8 metres (16 feet) in diameter
  • The building is known locally as the Majlis Oman