Austria’s capital is a foodie’s paradise. There are so many iconic snacks and dishes to try, and eating your way around the city is part of the experience. If you’re heading to Vienna, here are the absolute must-eats you can’t leave without trying…

Wiener Schnitzel

Austria’s national dish is Wiener Schnitzel. It’s traditionally made with veal but you can opt for chicken, pork, turkey and even veggie options. The schnitzel is made by pounding the seasoned meat flat, covering it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and then pan frying it to crispy goodness. The schnitzel is then typically served with a squeeze of lemon and a side of salad and steamed potatoes. You’ll find schnitzel served in most restaurants and cafes in Vienna, but favourites include Figlmüller which serves up a giant version of the Austrian dish, and Skopik & Lohn, where the real veal schnitzel is its most popular dish.

Wiener Würstel (Viennese Sausage)

This typical street vendor snack is the perfect thing to try when you’ve got a packed day of sightseeing or shopping. You’ll see them being sold at Austria’s most famous market, the Naschmarkt, and various street food stalls around the city. The sausages are either served hot dog-style encased in bread, or chopped into bitesize pieces with a mustard dip. You can take your pick from different varieties, and even opt for the popular cheese and meat sausage if you fancy something a bit different.

Blue Route, Stop: Haus des Meeres / Aqua Terra Zoo


This much-loved chocolate dessert is one of the most well-known Viennese culinary specialties – it even has its own national day on December the 5th. The rich sponge chocolate cake is made with a thin layer of apricot jam and a thick dark chocolate icing on top. It was invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher, and the original Sachertorte can only be found at Hotel Sacher – so swing by the hotel to taste the real deal. You’ll also find variations of the dessert in cafes across the city. Enjoy it with a traditional Viennese coffee for the full Austrian experience.  

Red Route, Stop: Opera


This simple, quintessential Austrian dish was a favourite of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria. The perfect tafelspitz is all about the quality of the ingredients and it comprises of slow-boiled tender veal or beef served with slices of potato, minced apple and horseradish. The hearty dish is particularly popular during the winter months and pairs perfectly with red or white wine. Most Austrian restaurants have it on the menu, but you’ll taste one of the best in the city at Plachutta Wollzeile.

Red Route, Stop: Stadtpark

Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

Vienna’s famous filling dessert is made with layers of flaky, buttery pastry and filled with a mixture of chopped apples, raisins and cinnamon. It’s typically served with custard, vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce, but can be enjoyed on its own. You’ll find this dessert served in most Viennese cafés around the city, and it’s the perfect treat to enjoy with a pot of tea or coffee.

Hungry for more? Start planning your gastronomic getaway to Vienna today and taste all these traditional treats. Browse our Vienna bus routes and attractions for more inspiration on what to do on your city break.