Visit Union Square – San Francisco’s shopping center

Feel the urge to splurge? Then head to Union Square, the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant shopping districts. You’ll find all the iconic names around the square, including Macys and Saks. Explore the neighboring blocks, indulge in some retail therapy and treat yourself in the upmarket boutiques.

Jump off our San Francisco Bus Tour and discover why every major global fashion label has a store around the square.

Big drama in the city

Explore the most dramatic side of the city in the Theater District or enjoy the real-life action while people watching at Hallidie Plaza, the city’s main crossroads. Find a café, order a coffee and recharge your batteries in the middle of the hustle and bustle in Union Square. You’ll soon be ready to rock around the shops again.

Other interesting facts about Union Square

  • Once a hotbed of protest, the square got its name from the Civil War-era pro-Union rallies held here
  • The goddess Victory, who stands atop the central pillar, was based on adventurous socialite Big Alma Spreckels who volunteered her artistic services as model
  • The Union Square district is the third largest shopping area in the United States
  • The site of Union Square was originally a sand dune, later becoming a public park in 1850
  • Union Square featured in 2 Alfred Hitchcock movies, Vertigo in 1958, and in the opening scene of his 1963 classic, The Birds