A record-breaker

Muir Woods National Forest in San Francisco is over 800 years old and stands at an impressive and world record-breaking 258 feet (79 metres) tall. A protected National Monument since 1908, it serves as both a refuge to the wildlife it houses and a laboratory that reveals the relationship between human and landscape. Over 380 species of plants and animals thrive in its unique habitat. One of the last remaining areas of old-growth coastal redwood forest, Muir Woods National Forest spans from the California / Oregon border to Big Sur, just south of Monterey. The redwoods provide the jaw-dropping backdrop to the flora and fauna. Steller’s jay, ladybugs, ancient horsetail ferns and the banana slug bustle beneath the canopy in Muir Woods National Forest.

Redwood Renewal

Muir Woods is a world famous National Monument that attracts visitors in their millions each year. With this, comes the added strain on an ecosystem that is already fragile. A plan of action has been put in place by The National Park Service to preserve Muir Woods while also protecting the visitor experience. Just some of the priority projects taking us into 2023 include rehabilitating an ageing water service line, restoring the habitat of the federally threatened Coho salmon, building new pedestrian bridges and upgrading drainage to help improve storm water pollution. With these efforts, Muir Woods can thrive for generations to come.

Other interesting facts about the Muir Woods in San Francisco

  • The Muir Woods National Forest is home to the tallest and some of the oldest trees in the world
  • In 1945 Muir Woods was the chosen location to host a meeting for United Nations delegates to honor the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Everyone is welcome to volunteer at Muir Woods National Forest, roles vary from greeting and orienteering to working with park scientists

See our Muir Woods Tour – Hop on to take a scenic drive across the Golden Gate Bridge before you venture into the woods. Walk the tranquil trails at Muir Woods National Forest and explore the flora and fauna that surrounds you. Then on the way back you’ll stop at the Mediterranean-style seaside town of Sausalito that bustles with boutiques, cafes, restaurants and unique art galleries.