Ancient Egypt 21st Century Las Vegas

Welcome to the Luxor Hotel. This homage to ancient Egypt is simply stunning and well worth a visit. Not only is it one the biggest hotels in the United States – 30 stories high, with a staggering 4,400 rooms – but it is largely built in the shape of a 365-foot (111-meter) high pyramid.

To complete the Egyptian theme a 140-foot (42.5-meter) tall obelisk and a 110-foot (33.5-meter) high recreation of the great sphinx of Giza stand guard at the front of the Luxor Hotel. Some say the Hotel is cursed, and will stay that way until a giant eye is placed on the top of the pyramid.

Spotlight on the stars at the Luxor Hotel

You can’t fail to notice, especially at night, a spotlight on the top of the pyramid. It points straight up into the sky and the light beam is visible from outer space. It is quite possibly the brightest beam of light in the world.

Let a big bus take you there

Our Las Vegas Bus Tours take you right to the Luxor Hotel. You can hop off close by and hop back on again when you’ve had your fill of this remarkable ancient Egyptian-style monolith.

Other interesting facts about the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas:

  • There have been sightings of a ghost roaming the long hallways that encircle the pyramid
  • When the Luxor hotel opened in 1993, it had a manmade river encircling the casino, intended to ferry guests to the elevators
  • The McDonald's inside the Luxor food court was the first in the entire world to sell Pepsi beverages instead of Coke