Las Vegas reinvents the wheel

In 2011 the Las Vegas skyline changed dramatically when the High Roller Observation Wheel was built. It has already become an iconic Las Vegas landmark, which you can see from just about everywhere on the Strip.

Standing 550 feet tall (167.6 meters) with a diameter of 520 feet (158.5 meters), this giant ferris wheel is currently the world's tallest.

What's in the wheel?

There are 28 cabins on the High Roller Observation Wheel and each one can carry 40 passengers. If you get bored of the view you can watch one of 8 flat screen TV screens. Although who would want to when you’re hanging out over one of the most amazing cities on earth?

Take a Big Bus Tour to The High Roller Observation Wheel

The best way to get to the High Roller Observation Wheel is by taking a Las Vegas Bus Tour. Even better, you can buy your High Roller tickets from us to save queuing when you get there.

Other interesting facts about the High Roller:

  • Tyson Garamendi, a project engineer on the High Roller build, proposed to his girlfriend on one of the wheel’s first spins
  • The High Roller closes at 2:00am, but it never stops moving
  • If you live in Nevada you get 50% off on Tuesdays – just show your ID
  • The High Roller is 9 feet (2.7 meters) taller than the previous world-record-holding ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer