King of the neon jungle

To give you an idea of the MGM Grand’s incredible size, here’s an amazing fact: when it opened in 1993, 39 armored cars arrived with $3.5 million in quarters for the casino's slot machines.

Bearing that in mind, it’ll be no surprise that MGM Grand, Las Vegas was once the largest hotel in the world. Today, it’s still in the top 3, with over 6,800 rooms.

A big cat for a massive hotel

Of course, it’s part of the MGM Studio group. Something you’ll be reminded of when you’re greeted by Leo, the huge statue of the MGM lion, sitting proudly outside. The statue weighs 50 tons, and at 45 feet (14 meters) tall, on a 25-foot (7.6-meter) pedestal, it’s the largest bronze statue in the U.S.

Let a Big Bus take you there

Want to feel like a movie star for a day? You can visit MGM Grand by catching a ride on one our Las Vegas Bus Tours. You can hop off and hop back on again when you’ve had your fill of fun.

Other interesting facts about MGM Grand, Las Vegas

  • Until recently the MGM Grand had a mini African safari in the casino – complete with real lions
  • It includes 5 outdoor pools, rivers and waterfalls covering 6.6 acres (2.7 hectares)
  • Originally, you entered the MGM Grand through the mouth of a giant cartoon-like version of MGM's lion logo
  • The hotel’s 51 skylofts cost from $2,000 to $10,000 per night