Sydney Tower Sydney – enjoy 360° views of a spectacular city

Now you’ve been getting to know Sydney on your bus tour, why not take a moment to reflect and look back on what you’ve discovered? The best place to do that is at the Sydney Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the city. From here you can gaze out across Sydney’s iconic landmarks and plan the rest of your sightseeing.

Interestingly, the tower is ranked as one of the safest buildings in the world. That’s because it’s been built to withstand earthquakes and severe wind conditions. The golden cables that run from the base to the top of the tower ensure stability in extreme conditions and also make an interesting design addition to this lofty structure.

SKYWALK with me

Feast your eyes. At the top of the tower is SKYWALK, Sydney’s highest open-air attraction. You can look out at stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the city. And can you see the Harbour Bridge? You’re actually exactly twice its height from up here. Take in the 360° panorama and enjoy.

Other interesting facts about Sydney Tower

  • There are 56 golden cables stabilising the tower
  • If the cables were laid end to end, they’d stretch from Sydney to New Zealand
  • The tower is 309 metres (1,014 feet) tall
  • Towards the top of the tower, Sky Venue is the highest event space in the Southern Hemisphere and can accommodate 170 sit-down guests
  • Each day, Sydney Tower is the first to welcome the dawn and is the last to see dusk.