About Us

Big Bus Tours is the world's largest operator of open-top sightseeing tours, fuelling the spirit of adventure in 23 world-famous cities across four continents. Beginning its journey 27 years ago, with a fleet of only three buses, Big Bus Tours has swiftly expanded to a global fleet of hundreds of open-top buses, turning 6 million tourists into explorers, every year.

Two people hop off a Big Bus Tours London Bus

Our Vision

We don't just want be the first thing customers do when they reach a city, we want to be then no.1 thing they do. Giving customers an unforgettable experience, better then every other attraction they may visit.
Big Bus Tours Guide Points Out London Eye

Our Mission

We're passionate about bringing every city to life. We turn tourists into explorers and fuel the spirit of city adventure. Helping our customers discover and explore the best a city has offer is at heart of everything we do.
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament at Night

Read Our Brand Values

  • Warmly Welcoming - We help people to feel welcome in a new city
  • Memorable Storytelling - We don't just tell stories, we give passengers stories to tell.
  • Always Entertaining - We deliver knowledge with flair and we love to entertain.
  • Dedication - We strive to be the best for our passengers and for each other.
  • Never Satisfied - we relentlessly pursue the quest to be No.1. To always be ahead of the competition.

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Big Personalities

Tell the tales of a city 
Big Bus gives me the joy of telling the tales of a wonderful city - I love the architecture and how it may tie into the heritage of the people riding the bus. So many people have immigrated from over the world to live here. I talk about the era when it was built and the different groups of people coming to the city at that time.
Joe B Tour Guide, Chicago

Big Personalities

Tour Guide Apply 
I love being able to pass on all the fun and interesting facts I’ve picked up over the years. Did you know the front of the Parthenon at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and American Gallery of Art is a replica of the front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece?
Tom T Tour Guide,Washington DC

Big Personalities

Family on a Big Bus Tour in Chicago 
Back in 1994, I grasped at the BIG opportunity to be a Tour Guide. Since then I've enjoyed multiple roles and am now Executive Vice President of Central Europe and Asia Pacific as well as being part of the wider global senior leadership team. It has been an incredible journey.
St. John Cooper Executive Vice President

Big Personalities

Family on a Big Bus Tour in Chicago 
At Big Bus I get the creative freedom I crave from a job. We all have our own style of teaching people about the city and sharing some real gems of information. We go beyond what you find in a guide book and that’s invaluable.
Candice W Tour Guide, Miami