Royal Botanic Gardens – visit a green oasis on the Sydney Bus Tour

Every great city has a park at its centre. But not many have parks as spectacular as this. The Royal Botanic Gardens contain a stunning display of flora from all over the world, including many native Australian species. Everywhere you look you’ll notice a fascinating tree or plant that you’ve probably never seen before.

The 30-hectare (74-acre) gardens are free to visit, so don’t miss the opportunity to hop off your bus tour here for a stroll through the gardens . You’ll be immersed in a lush world of magnificent trees, palms and flowers, with the gorgeous Sydney Harbour forming a sparkling blue backdrop. No wonder the gardens are one of the most visited attractions in the whole city.

A historic setting

The Royal Botanic Gardens are situated on land from the first farm established in Australia. The gardens were originally founded in 1816, and are now the oldest scientific institution in Australia. They’ve been open to the public since 1831, and form a natural amphitheatre that descends down to the sea.

Are you decent?

In 1848 the 27-year-old Charles Moor was appointed Director of the gardens. Over his 48 years in the post he was instrumental in driving the gardens’ success. He introduced regulations to keep out ‘all persons of reputed bad character’ as well as ‘persons who are not cleanly and decently dressed’.

Other interesting facts about Royal Botanic Gardens

  • There are nearly 4,000 trees growing here, plus 8,900 plant species
  • The oldest trees here are the hoop pine and giant watergum – both planted in around 1820
  • There are 36 sculptures in the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Over 3.5 million people visit here every year