Discover an architectural icon at Philadelphia’s Row Houses

Experience Philadelphia’s charm first hand at the city’s Row Houses. Arriving in the early 1800s, this type of terraced dwelling spread across the US, becoming known as ‘Philadelphia Rows’.

See some of the city’s finest examples – beautifully preserved and highly sought after homes. Over the years, most have been modified to keep up with modern technology, but the building at 700 Sansom Street retains its original design.

A new way of building

Prior to these Row Houses, each dwelling needed to be created from scratch. They represented a revolution in residential construction – with the public able to buy ‘off the shelf’ homes without the need for expert craftsmen.

Hop-off our Philadelphia bus tour at numerous locations across the city to find out more about these heritage homes. With stunning examples ranging from Victorian classics to twin rows, if you’re a fan of architecture this will be right up your street.

Other interesting facts about the Row Houses, Philadelphia

  • Many of the Row Houses are designed in what has become known as the Federal style
  • Row House development started with Carstairs Row, on what is now Sansom Street in Center City
  • Although Elfreth’s Alley is older and shares some of the same design motifs, it is not technically a Row House street
  • The concept of building a block of real estate rather than individual dwellings, that started here, has become the main way property is traded in the US
  • The pervasiveness of Row Houses by the end of the 19th century led to Philadelphia becoming known as the ‘City of Homes’.