Stroll through history at Elfreth’s Alley

Take a walk down memory lane at Elfreth’s Alley – one of the oldest residential streets in the United States. Explore this 18th-century thoroughfare, complete with Georgian architecture, Federal-style houses and cobblestone sidewalks.

It’s a little trip back in time to Philadelphia’s past, with the 32 houses here forming one of the few surviving examples of early American streetscapes. Enjoy a rare opportunity to see how many working class Americans would have lived way back in the 18th century.

A city’s history in one street

Learn more about why the street was named after Jeremiah Elfreth, a blacksmith and property owner. And discover how the street was saved from demolition in 1934 by the Elfreth’s Alley Association.

Today it’s a National Historic Landmark and a famous Philadelphia landmark. Hop-off the Philadelphia bus tour and take a stroll through memory lane at Elfreth’s Alley

Other interesting facts about Elfreth’s Alley

  • The street dates back to 1702, making it one of the oldest residential areas in the United States
  • The 32 houses still standing were built between 1728 and 1836, with the Elfreth’s Alley museum located at numbers 124 and 126
  • The street’s original residents included shipwrights, smiths, glassblowers, furniture makers and their families
  • Elfreth’s Alley was also known as Cherry Street for a period, as part of a street name simplification program
  • The street celebrates its Fete Day every year in June to help raise funds for its upkeep, with residents opening their doors to visitors.