Miami’s luxury oasis

Take the plunge in one of the USA’s most unique swimming spots. Carved from coral rock way back in 1924 and decorated with bridges, caves and waterfalls, the Venetian Pool is said to be the largest freshwater pool in the US.

An exclusively charming venue at an everyday price

The Venetian Pool looks every bit the exclusive five-star attraction, but admission was and still is very reasonable. Okay, so these days you might not find Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) or other celebs doing laps of the pool, but you can still enjoy a lazy afternoon in this stunning inner-city oasis.

Interesting facts about the Venetian Pool, Miami

  • The Venetian Pool was carved out of an old coral rock quarry abandoned in 1921
  • It was founded and financed by George Merrick, the driving force behind the whole Coral Gables neighbourhood
  • Gondolas used to glide on the surface of the 800,000 gallon (3.2 million litre) pool
  • It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981
  • The pool used to be regularly drained to allow the Miami Symphony Orchestra to play inside it