Take in the view from Las Vegas's tallest tower

Wherever you are on a Las Vegas bus tour, you can’t miss The Stratosphere. It’s an enormous tower that dominates the strip. At 1,149 feet (350 meters), the tower is the tallest structure in Las Vegas and the 5th tallest in the whole of the United States. Opened on April 30, 1996, The Stratosphere also features a 5 star hotel and a casino.

What can you do at The Stratosphere, Las Vegas?

Good with heights? Why not go for a meal at ‘Top of the World’, a revolving restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere tower? Afterwards, the fast way down is on 1 of 4 thrill rides.

At 1,081 feet (329 meters), the ‘Big Shot’ is the highest thrill ride in the world. Insanity opened in 2005, and at 900 feet (270 meters) is the second highest, while X-Scream,at a mere 866 feet (264 meters) is the third highest.

In 2010, Sky Jump Las Vegas was opened at The Stratosphere. It holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial decelerator decent. Riders are dropped from the edge of the tower for an 800 feet (244 meters), bungee-like, free fall experience. Exhilarating to say the least.

Other interesting facts about the Stratosphere, Las Vegas:

  • The hotel has 24 storeys, 2,427 rooms and an 80,000-square-foot (7,400-square-meter) casino
  • The Stratosphere is the only Strip hotel actually located within the City of Las Vegas
  • On August 29, 1993, the tower caught fire while being built
  • In the 2014 TV series Dominion, the archangel Michael lived in the observation tower of the Stratosphere