Berlin is a city that caters for all. There’s fascinating museums, local markets to browse and plenty of parks to picnic in. And of course, a food scene to uncover that’s got its reputation for good reason. No matter the time of year, you’ll find lots to keep you busy, day and night.

We’ve rounded up our top things to do in Berlin:

The Berlin Wall

Germany’s standing symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall is where your sightseeing journey should begin. Dividing the country for more than 28 years, the longest remaining stretch has now transformed into the world’s longest open-air gallery, the East Side Gallery. 1.3 kilometres of fascinating images, that take a significant era of Germany’s history and turns it into a work of art. Easily one of the top things to do in Berlin.

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DDR Museum

One of the most interactive museums in the world, the DDR Museum gives you the chance to experience a little of what everyday life behind the Berlin Wall was like in the former East Germany. It covers living conditions, the Wall and the Stasi, just for starters. Visitors are encouraged to touch, feel and interact. Take a virtual drive in a Trabant, wander a high-rise tower block flat and play the many educational games. It’s a history lesson like no other, making it one of the top things to do in Berlin.

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The Reichstag in Berlin, or Parliament Building in English, is a symbol of Germany’s past, present and future. One of the most significant buildings in the city, so certainly a top thing to do in Berlin. It has witnessed the dark history of this place, and has withstood destruction twice over. Each time coming back stronger and today an architectural wonder. Tour the Reichstag dome for free and enjoy the panoramic views around you, while standing in the spot where Germany’s most important decisions are made. Be sure to secure your spot a few days in advance as it gets very busy during peak seasons.

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Get back to nature

When in Berlin, take advantage of the many beautiful parks and lakes this city boasts. A network of 80 or so lakes, either free to enter or for a small fee. You can expect chairs to lounge on, stalls selling ice-cream and grilled sausages, a playground, and of course, something cool on offer to drink. Sunbathe on the banks, take a dip in the fresh water, or simply pitch up with a beer and a book. There’s Berlin’s largest lake the Müggelsee, possibly the most picturesque Schlachtensee, and the chic Wannsee enjoyed by yachters. And if you’re feeling energetic, walk or cycle the three-mile circuit of famous parks. You’ll be joining lots of locals on their moment with nature.


Sundays are made for Mauerpark. A flea market, a karaoke machine and a drink from the local off licence, what more can a tourist ask for? One of the biggest and busiest markets in Berlin, you can browse designer clothes and vintage finds, classic CDs and rare records. Then when you’re done, grab the mic and join in the singing session with Bearpit Karaoke. Meet the well-known Joe Hatchiban, who has been bringing his battery-powered system to Mauerpark every Sunday since 2009. A top man creating one of the top things to do in Berlin.

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Tempelhofer Feld

Once an airport famous for its Nazi and Cold War history, Tempelhofer Feld is now a public park enjoyed by many. Stroll the runways where World War II Stuka dive-bombers took off and where supplies were dropped off to millions of residents during the Berlin Blockade. Fly a kite on a windy day, and cycle, run or skate in the open space, free from motorised vehicles. There’s a basketball court, baseball field and beer garden to enjoy. And even small allotments where Berliners can grow their own fruit and vegetables. Free to enter and a top thing to do in Berlin. 

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Add just some of these top things to do in Berlin to your city break itinerary and you’ll really get a feel for this city. And the best way to tick off the famous sights and iconic landmarks is aboard a Big Bus tour. Hop on and we’ll take you for a scenic spin around this buzzing capital, with plenty of opportunities to hop off and delve a little deeper. And we’ll fill you in on the fascinating history of this place along the way…