The Berlin Nightlife scene is one not to be missed when visiting this lively city. It’s progressive and diverse, welcoming people from all walks of life to come and celebrate the weekend – and every other day of the week probably. The dress code is casual as it really is just about having a good time. The party kicks off early on a Friday, and lasts well into the small hours of Monday morning.

Here’s our guide to Berlin Nightlife…

Live music

The German capital lines up incredible live gigs, daily. And no matter what genre of music you’re into, there’ll be an event to suit. The venues are atmospheric, with piano bars, factories and old dance halls being regulars. From jazz, soul and blues heroes playing in Quasimodo club, to swing, soul and funk legends jamming in Yorckschlösschen, and all things punk happening at S036.

Club night

Berlin is well known for its clubbing scene, so if a DJ and a dancefloor is your idea of a good night, this really is the city for you. Let the music lure you in. For an international DJ music night, Trade is your place to enjoy touring talent and local artists. For a 1900s R&B and reggaeton vibe, head to Hoe_Mies for the night. Or if you’re in the mood to go ‘out out’, Leisure System is possibly one of Berlin’s craziest nights. And if you still have energy to burn, Buttons throws a party that lasts well over 24 hours.

Musicals and shows

From classical musicals and dazzling performances, to thought-provoking plays, when planning the Berlin nightlife you’d like to experience, do include a show or two. The venues themselves set the scene for the night ahead. The CHAMÄLEON Theater in Berlin-Mitte lines up variety shows and musicals in a charming art nouveau, historic building. Wintergarten Varieté in Tiergarten promises a night of acrobats, sketches and surprises, set in a canopy under the stars. And the Friedrichstadt-Palast hosts globally-themed shows, great for tourists visiting the city as well as locals.

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Dinner in Simon-Dach-Straße

Simon-Dach-Straße draws in a crowd as diverse as its food scene. Particularly around Boxhagener Platz where you’ll find a Vietnamese restaurant next to a Mediterranean one, opposite a burger joint, across the way from a vegan institution. All very authentic and highly rated. And of course there are some places we highly recommend. For a light bite hunt down Sanabel Imbiß for the best falafel in town – it’s just a tiny door with two tables perched outside. For somewhere very relaxed, book a table at Lisboa Bar and enjoy the Portuguese tapas. Mamman is quick and easy, serving delicious Vietnamese. And Il Ritrovo serves pizza that rivals the best you’d find in Italy.  

Experiencing the nightlife in Berlin is one way of immersing yourself in this charismatic city and living like a local for an evening. The Berlin nightlife scene is big and the party never stops. There’s no official closing time and you’ll find plenty of breakfast options on the way home, no matter what time of day it is. And if you’re feeling a little weary the next day, hop on a Big Bus tour and we’ll chauffeur you around to see the iconic sights – if you choose to stay on board the entire loop and take a nap, we won’t tell!