Taronga Zoo. See Australia’s iconic wildlife on your Sydney Bus Tour

How many wild and wonderful Australian animals can you think of? Kangaroos, koalas, wombats - they’re all here. So if you want to find out more about the unique wildlife of this fascinating continent, take the bus to Taronga Zoo. From Tasmanian devils to platypuses (or is that platypi?), there’s so much to see.

Don’t miss the Australian Rainforest Aviary. There are some superb birds with breathtaking plumage. And if you’re not frightened by creepy crawlies, the Backyard to Bush exhibit is a fascinating encounter with some of the famous spiders, scorpions and other creatures that make Australia their home.

Get up close

Want to meet the animals first hand? By paying a little extra you can have an ‘Animal Encounter’. It’s a unique opportunity to get closer to some of Taronga Zoo’s most incredible animals. You can feed a giraffe, hold an owl on your wrist or see a koala. At the end of the encounter you’ll get a souvenir photo of you and the animal too.

Take the bridge

As you’re strolling through the zoo make sure to head for the Rustic Bridge. This was one of the zoo’s earliest landscape features. It spans a natural gully and has a romantic, Italian look about it. The bridge was originally opened in 1915.

Other interesting facts about Taronga Zoo

  • It opened way back in 1916
  • It’s home to over 4,000 animals of 340 species
  • Taronga is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘beautiful view’