Rich in history

If you know anything about money, you’ll know about Wall Street, New York. It’s one of the world’s leading financial centres.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to appreciate it though – there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Why not hop on one of our New York Bus Tours and hop off at Wall Street? Check out Trinity Church and the New York Stock Exchange. Or drop by the Federal Reserve gold vaults - buried 80 feet (24 meters) below street level. They’re worth a staggering $100 billion – but you can visit them for free. These are just some of the famous sights to explore around here.

The history of Wall Street

In 1665, the Dutch who purchased New Amsterdam (renamed New York) built a massive wall here to keep out both the British and the Native American tribes. A street was also constructed alongside it, called… surprise, surprise… Wall Street. The wall was removed in 1699 and the area became a place for traders and speculators to gather under a particular buttonwood tree. This led to the formation of the Buttonwood Association in 1792 – believed to be the early roots of the New York Stock Exchange.

The place to be seen

As more and more banks and other big businesses were attracted to the area, this has given the Wall Street district its own distinct skyline. It looks very different to other areas of New York. Why not explore it for yourself with our New York Bus Tour?

Other interesting facts about Wall Street

  • Trading on Wall Street begins at 9.30am every morning when a bell is rung at the New York Stock Exchange
  • The Tontine Coffee House, Wall Street, was established in 1793 and was the first location of the New York Stock Exchange
  • George Washington was inaugurated in Federal Hall, Wall Street, New York in 1789
  • ‘Wall Street’ is often used to refer to the whole neighbourhood and not just the street itself
  • An incredible $54 billion worth of shares are exchanged daily on the New York Stock Exchange