Winner of the race to the skies

You’ve probably seen the Chrysler Building, New York in countless films and photos. But nothing will prepare you for seeing the Art Deco-style skyscraper up close. It’s simply beautiful. Hop off our "Explore Uptown" tour route to see it in all it's beauty.

The history of the Chrysler Building

Walter P. Chrysler (the car maker) built the Chrysler Building as a status symbol. He was in a race with the Bank of Manhattan to win the title of ‘tallest building in the world’. Just when it looked like his rival had won, Chrysler pulled out his secret weapon – a huge spire. When this was put in place it made the Chrysler Building 1,045 feet (318 meters). In fact, in 1929 it was the first building to top what was until then the tallest structure – the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

One of the best views of New York

Those who live or work in the Chrysler Building have the joy of sensational 360-degree views of Manhattan, the East River, Central Park, Times Square and Grand Central Terminal – all from one spot.

A visit to the Chrysler Building won't just give you the chance to take in stunning views - you'll also have the opportunity to appreciate the fine Art Deco detail of the structure and its interior. For a great view from afar, head to the corner of Third Ave and 44th Street. Here you can enjoy the slimline profile, gargoyles and spire in one awe-inspiring shot.

Other interesting facts about the Chrysler Building

  • The spire on the Chrysler Building is 197 feet (60 meters) high and weighs 300 tonnes
  • The Chrysler Building was the world’s tallest building for just 1 year – beaten by the Empire State Building
  • The New York Times Building is exactly the same height as the Chrysler Building
  • The mural in the lobby is said to be the world’s largest at 97 by 100 feet (30 by 30.5 meters)