New York’s ‘city in a city’

Shops, entertainment and offices all combine in the Rockefeller Center to create a different world. It isn’t just a home to many important works of art, it’s actually one itself. And you can discover it all by hopping on board one of our New York Bus Tours.

The history of the Rockefeller Center

John D. Rockefeller Jnr. may have been considered crazy when he spent $100 million on the Rockefeller Center in the middle of the Great Depression. But this remarkable Art Deco style complex has stood the test of time and is a fantastic monument to his vision. Initially consisting of 14 buildings, there are now 19 to explore, all linked by an underground concourse – the Catacombs.

Everything under one roof

Whatever you’re looking for in New York, you can find it at the Rockefeller Center. Culture? There are works of art here by 30 great artists. Entertainment? Pop into the Radio City Music Hall. Sport? The Rink at Rockefeller is New York’s most famous ice skating venue. And to top it all, there are three observation decks – the one on the 70th floor offers an amazing 360-degree view that will simply take your breath away.

Other interesting facts about the Rockefeller Center

  • It features New York's most iconic Christmas tree
  • The Rockefeller Center covers over 22 acres (8.9 hectares)
  • The construction of the Rockefeller Center gave employment to 75,000 workers
  • During the 1980s, the Rainbow Room restaurant served 20 different types of bottled water