If you’re looking to break the ‘dinner and a movie’ date night routine, London is the perfect city for something a little quirkier. Whether it’s a fun first date you’re organising, or a milestone anniversary, there’s something a little different out there to suit the occasion. Activity dates, outdoor dates, dating in the dark…get ready to impress… 

We’ve played cupid and tried them all, here’s our shortlist of unusual date ideas in London:

Shh it’s a secret (cinema)

Take movie night to another level with Secret Cinema. Films are brought to life, literally, with themed set designs and lives performances, all enjoyed while dining on some fine food. From cult classics to new releases, Dirty Dancing to 28 Days later, there’s a production for every movie buff. In this immersive experience, you get to step into the plot and actually become a part of the story. A cross between theatre, music, dance and art. It definitely ticks the unusual date ideas in London box.

Eat on the street

For a cheap yet very cheerful bite in an alfresco setting, head to one of London’s street food markets. Great for a first date. It instantly solves the ‘what do you like to eat’ question, as you can each dine from different vendors. The atmosphere is always buzzing and the chaos a great distraction if ever conversation stalls. And if the heavens decide to open, in true London style, there’s always a watering hole nearby to duck into to continue your date.

Dine in the dark

A great way to really get to know your date is an evening spent in pitch darkness. At Dans Le Noir the waiters are all blind and fully on hand to guide you through the experience. The menu is a surprise - simply choose between the meat, fish or vegetarian option. Spend the night guessing what’s on your plate and really tasting every morsel. A talking point in itself. It might be an idea to wear something that won’t show up the possible spillages…

Borrow a dog for a day

Let’s set the scene: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re on a romantic walk. A picture-perfect date. Now add a super cute dog to this charming story, fetching sticks and bounding around, and you’ve got yourself a fun day out. But if you don’t own a canine accessory, fear not, you can now borrow a dog for a day in London. We’re not kidding. So you get to enjoy a welcome third-wheel on your date at a time when a dog owner needs a helping hand. It’s win-win. Now that’s an unusual date idea in London.    

Go potty together

For the true romantics out there, recreate some Patrick Swayze magic and organise a pottery making date. A fun activity to enjoy while talking and getting to know each other. Be prepared to get a little messy and show patience when your work of art takes a turn for the worse. And if the date is going really well, why not try creating a masterpiece together? Perfect for complete beginners, it’s one way to go potty for each other.   

And of course we recommend a Big Bus tour for an unusual date idea in London. A spin around London Town taking in the spectacular sights and skyline this city offers. Grab yourselves a top deck seat for a panoramic view, and hop off to explore more at any of the stops that take your fancy. And for something a little less quirky, check out our guide to Romantic Things to do in London.