Hong Kong’s most historic ride

The Peak Tram is one of Hong Kong’s most amazing experiences. As you rise out of the skyscrapers and into the mountains, you’ll really see how the island’s past and present interweave throughout this exhilarating journey.

An enchanting old funicular railway, The Peak Tram takes you from the Central district of Hong Kong Island, right up to the top of Victoria Peak. Over antique tracks and through old colonial arches, you’ll thread your way through the luxury developments of the Mid-Levels and lush forests as you approach the Peak.

Hong Kong’s best views

Get your camera ready. The entire journey offers superb sights spanning Victoria Harbour and the changing cityscape. Arriving at the top, you’ll discover incredible panoramic views over Hong Kong, uplifting mountain-top walks, and great shopping, cafés and restaurants.

History of the Peak Tram, Hong Kong

The story of the tram began in the 1880s when Hong Kong was starting to boom and construction hit new levels. At the time, the only way residents could transport building materials up the mountain was to carry them. To speed up development, the enterprising Scotsman Alexander Findlay Smith hatched a plan – and the Peak Tramway opened in May 1888, becoming Asia’s first cable funicular.

Since then, the Peak Tram has endured wars and Hong Kong’s relentless development. It’s a famous part of the city’s history, and you’ll find yourself sitting where dignitaries and Hollywood stars have sat in years gone by.

A bit of trivia:

  • It covers 1.4 kilometres with four stations on the way
  • The tram ascends nearly 400 metres on its journey to Victoria Peak
  • More than 4 million people ride the Peak Tram every year – that’s 11,000 a day
  • It featured in iconic scenes from Soldier of Fortune, starring Clark Gable