Hong Kong’s symbolic home

The Golden Bauhinia Square is deeply symbolic for residents of Hong Kong. This was the poignant location for the 1997 handover ceremony – when the British passed control of Hong Kong to the Chinese.

On that day, Hong Kong became its own Special Administrative Region and adopted a new flag – a five-petal Bauhinia Blakeana (known as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree). And on that day, the Chinese Government gave a ‘welcome back’ gift to the people of Hong Kong: a giant Golden Bauhinia statue at the centre of the square.

Hop off and see the impressive statue

On our Hong Kong bus tour, you can hop off right by the square – in Wan Chai North, outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is a pretty and peaceful space to admire views of the harbour, cityscape and mountains behind. You can also get some great photos here – with the Golden Bauhinia statue blooming in the sunshine.

Other interesting facts about the Golden Bauhinia Square:

  • The statue’s official naming is the ‘Forever Blooming Bauhinia’
  • The sculpture is 6 metres (19 feet) high and depicts a bauhinia standing on a pillar of red granite
  • A flag-raising ceremony is held every day at 7.50 am and is a popular tourist attraction – performed to the national anthem by the Hong Kong police
  • There’s a special flag-raising on the first day of each month at 7.45 am – it includes a 10 minute performance by the Police Pipe Band