Haggle yourself a bargain

This is a traditional market with a difference. Imagine over 300 outlets, all selling one thing: jewellery. From trinkets to bangles, from necklaces to earrings, you’ll find all manner of adornment here. And as the name suggests, a lot of it is gold too. The alleyways and narrow streets seem to glint and dazzle in the light.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to procure some unique Dubai souvenirs while you’re here. So what better place to get off your Big Bus Tour? Whether you’re looking for an established brand name or some authentic traditional pieces, you’ll find it at the Gold Souk. Just don’t forget to haggle!

How to haggle

First things first. Gold is sold by weight, so check the international price for gold on the day you visit. The vendor won’t want to go beneath the weight price, so you’re really haggling over the craftsmanship. Shop around, as many stores offer similar pieces. And when you start bartering, be prepared to walk away. Vendors may offer a discount if they think they’re going to lose the sale.

18, 22 or 24?

Whether it’s legend, rumour or solid gold fact we’re not sure. But people say there are 10 tonnes of gold at any one time at the Gold Souk. The Government keeps a tight rein on the quality of the gold sold here. So whether you buy 18, 22 or 24 carat, you know it’s going to be the real deal.

Other interesting facts about the Gold Souk:

  • Haggling is compulsory – some vendors can drop their price by as much as 50%
  • Stores accept all major credit cards
  • The Gold Souk is just one part of the huge sprawling Old Souk in Deira
  • Dubai’s free trade policies in the 1940s encouraged vendors to start selling gold here