A taste of traditional Dubai

What’s that scent? The Spice Souk is a treasure trove for the nostrils, as fragrant spices like cinnamon and turmeric compete for your attention. Peppers, cloves, even frankincense - if you can use it for cooking, lotions or potions, it’s here. Don’t miss the wide variety of delicious dried fruits too.

The Souk’s spices and fruits make their way here from all over the world, and many arrive by dhow. This is a tradition that’s been going on for decades, if not centuries, so it’d be a shame to miss it. Make sure you hop off our Big Bus Dubai Tour to take in the sights and smells.

Dive right in

Although it’s rooted in tradition, the Spice Souk is not quite the place for some quiet time. As soon as you step into one of the narrow alleys, the spice hawkers will try and engage your attention to sell you anything from sage to saffron. The best approach is to get involved and start haggling.

Haggle hard

Vendors have been known to drop their prices by up to 80% for a skilful haggler. Make sure you never buy at the asking price, but drive your own bargain. If you start walking away then the vendor may well just bring out their ultimate offer at a price that can’t be sniffed at.

Other interesting facts about the Spice Souk

  • Haggling is expected if you’re going to buy
  • Spices are brought to the Spice Souk from all around the Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent and the Far East
  • The Spice Souk is just one part of the huge sprawling Old Souk in Deira
  • The souk reflects Dubai’s importance as a trading post