The world’s most famous 7-star hotel

Dubai is nestled on the warm waters of the Gulf. So it was only natural that its most iconic landmark should be shaped like a sail. Not just any sail though, this is a billowing spinnaker. And it’s 322 metres tall.

Built on a man-made island, the Burj al Arab takes opulence to a whole new level. Book one of the 202 double floor suites and you’ll have your own private butler. If you fancy dining out, why not take the submarine from the hotel lobby to the Al Manhara, the hotel’s underwater seafood restaurant. Want to go for a drive? Make sure to book the chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce.

Appearances count

During the day the Burj al Arab is a brilliant white against the blues and turquoise of the Gulf. But at night time the building takes on a whole new look. Computer-controlled spotlights turn the Teflon-coated building into an array of dazzling colours. Make sure you catch it if you can!

Searching high and low?

The underwater Al Mahara restaurant gives you a mermaid's view of the rich marine life in the gulf. Don’t worry about the water pressure – the wall of the restaurant is 18 centimetres thick. And at the other extreme, the Al Muntaha restaurant is 200 metres above sea level, giving you a panoramic view of Dubai and the Persian Gulf.

You can visit the Burj Al Arab from our Green Beach Tour. Hop-off the bus to explore more.

Other interesting facts about the Burj al Arab

  • It’s the third tallest hotel in the world
  • It’s 280 metres from Jumeirah beach
  • The roof helipad is 210 metres above ground
  • The atrium inside the building is 180 metres tall