Home of Europe’s greatest composers

Opera and opulence go hand-in-hand. And the Budapest Opera House, is no exception. Both its exterior and interior will take your breath away – as will the incredible performances that can be heard here.

The Budapest Opera House is on the route of our Budapest City Bus Tour. You can hop on or hop- off here to take in its splendour. Or simply learn all about it from the fun, informative commentary on-board.

The history of the Budapest Opera House

Franz Joseph, King of Hungary liked the look of the great Opera House in Vienna, so he decided to build something similar in Budapest. The grand building took nearly a decade to complete, starting in 1875 and finishing in 1884.

He decorated the outside of Budapest Opera House with statues of great composers. These include Monteverdi, Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Wagner and Franz Liszt. Inside, several kilograms of gold foil make the inside of the huge auditorium simply glow. A massive chandelier weighing 3,050 kg (6,724 lb) lights up the room.

If you want to see a performance you’ll have to be quick. They sell out fast, especially the well-known operas.

Other interesting facts about the State Opera House, Budapest

  • The Budapest Opera House seats 1,261 people
  • It’s the largest opera house in Hungary
  • The Budapest Opera House has the third best acoustics in Europe after La Scala in Milan and the Palais Garnier in Paris
  • The vaulted ceiling has murals by Bertalan Székely and Mór Than depicting the nine Muses.