An island in the heart of the city

When you think of Budapest you might not think of islands. Enjoy a pleasant surprise in the form of Margaret Island, a welcoming green oasis on the Danube, in the very heart of Budapest. This 2.5-kilometre (1.4 mile) long island is just the place to laze away a sunny summer’s day.

Margaret Island is car free, so hop off the bus at Stop 9 near Margaret Bridge – only a short stroll from Margaret Island.

The history of Margaret Island

Originally known as Rabbits Island, Margaret Island was once home to several monasteries and convents. By the beginning of the 1800s the royal family had turned it into an ornate garden. In 1869 Margaret Island was opened to the public and a health resort sprang up – with visitors flocking to bathe in its therapeutic springs. Now you can enjoy all sorts of activities here, from visiting ancient ruins to swimming in an Olympic sized open-air pool. Decisions, decisions…

Other interesting facts about the Margaret Island, Budapest

  • The swimming complex on Margaret Island includes an area for naturists
  • The island was named after princess Margit, the daughter of King Béla IV
  • Margaret Island features a large open-air theatre that can seat 3500 people