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If you’re going to get married twice, why not do it in style? That’s what Hungarian King Matthias did, both times in the exquisitely ornate Matthias Church, Budapest. He even had the church named after him.

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The history of Matthias Church

Matthias Church was built over 700 years ago. It’s had its ups and downs since then – quite literally – having been rebuilt and restored many times from when it was first consecrated. The splendidly ornate steeple was a relatively recent addition, in 1896.

Saved by a miracle

In 1668, the church was the scene of the so-called ‘Mary wonder’. The city of Buda was under siege by the Holy League. At the time the Turks were using Matthias Church as a mosque. One of the walls collapsed and an old votive Madonna was revealed to the praying Muslims. The morale of the Muslim garrison collapsed and the city fell that very day.

Other interesting facts about Matthias Church, Budapest:

  • The first church on the site was founded by Saint Stephen, King of Hungary, in 1015
  • Matthias Church hosted the coronation of the last two Hungarian Habsburg kings, Franz Joseph in 1867 and Charles IV in 1916
  • Replicas of the Hungarian royal crown and coronation jewels can be seen in Matthias Church
  • Matthias Church is officially known as The Church of Our Lady, or Nagyboldogasszony-templom