See one of the most expensive hotels ever built with Big Bus Tours Abu Dhabi

When it was finally completed in 2005, the Emirates Palace Hotel was the most expensive hotel ever built. And it shows. This is one of the finest hotels in the world, where luxury and opulence are on show everywhere you look. Marble, gold, precious stones, it’s all here. And if you weren’t arriving by bus, you could fly in by helipad, or perhaps sail in on a luxury yacht at the private marina.

The hotel is actually owned by the Abu Dhabi government, which is just as well, as this is where world leaders come to stay when they’re in town. The whole top floor has six rulers’ suites – they’re only offered to the very highest officials who happen to be visiting the Emirates.

A place to relax

Situated on its own private beach, the Emirates Palace Hotel does relaxation very well. There are 2 luxury spas here, as well as 2 swimming pools. Oh, and did we mention the tennis courts, the rugby pitch, the 6-kilometre cycling path… whatever sport you’re into, however you want to relax, this is the place for you.

In the news

The Emirates Palace Hotel likes to be noticed. So there are plenty of events and concerts held here to keep it in the public eye. 15,000 people came here to watch Christina Aguilera perform, for example, and you’ve probably seen the hotel interior in a film or two.

Other interesting facts about the Emirates Palace Hotel:

  • The hotel occupies 850,000 square metres (2,789,000 feet) of floor space
  • There’s underground parking for 2,500 vehicles
  • The Palace Grand Suite costs $11,500 a night
  • There’s a gold-plated ‘Gold to Go’ ATM in the hotel’s lobby that dispenses 10g gold bars