Big Bus takes you down Abu Dhabi's elegant highway

They do things differently in Abu Dhabi. Roads aren’t simply a way to get from A to B, they’re also tourist attractions in their own right. That’s the thinking behind the Corniche, an elegant boulevard that extends 6 miles (9.6 kilometres) along the waterfront, fringed by lush lawns and attractive gardens.

When you’re taking the Abu Dhabi Bus Tour, why not hop off at the Corniche and take a stroll to enjoy the sights? There are some great amenities nearby, including running tracks, children’s play areas, volleyball courts, swimming areas and picnic tables. This is the place to take things at a relaxed pace and enjoy life.

From the pavement to the beach

The Corniche is lined with elegant fountains, emulating the glistening blue waters of the Arabian Gulf that beckon from the other side of the road. You’ll find some of Abu Dhabi’s loveliest beaches are right here.

A unique skyline

As you stroll through the manicured gardens of the Corniche and gaze out at the sea, it’s easy to feel as if you’re in a Mediterranean paradise. But don’t forget to look the other way. There’s no mistaking where you are, with the distinct metropolis of Abu Dhabi behind you.

Other interesting facts about the Corniche

  • In 2002 the Corniche was extended on land reclaimed from the sea
  • The Corniche attracts up to 50,000 visitors every month
  • Floating ocean fences keep bathers within 40 metres of the shore
  • The Corniche beachfront has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status, an indication of its high environmental and safety standards
  • Dhows and ships used to dock at the Corniche to offload cargo