Natural History Museum Vienna – one of Europe’s most important museums

There are some jaw-dropping buildings along Vienna’s Ringstrasse. And this has got to be in everyone’s list of favourites. The Natural History Museum would be worth a visit on your Vienna Bus Tour just to marvel at the architecture, but wait till you get inside.

In the vast spaces of the museum you’ll find one of the largest natural history collections in the world. From fossils to dinosaur bones, from precious minerals to unique prehistoric artefacts, this is a museum that has everything.

Two towers

Turn your back to the Natural History Museum and what do you see? Its mirror image. The Kunsthistorisches Art Museum was built at the same time, by the same architect. Both buildings have the same imposing and regal exterior and seem to square up to one another across Maria-Theresien-Platz.

The wonder of nature

As you walk around, you’ll be amazed at the breathtaking spectrum of nature on display. But for people behind the scenes this is simply their day job. Around 60 staff scientists are using the collection to carry out their research. From the origins of the solar system to human evolution, some crucial work is going on right here.

Other interesting facts about the Natural History Museum

  • The museum is home to around 30 million objects
  • You’ll find the world’s largest display collection of meteorites here
  • There are lots of stuffed animals dating back over 200 years – some are now extinct
  • Don’t miss the Venus of Willendorf, a statuette that is estimated to have been sculpted around 25,000 BC