The Helix Bridge

Inspired by the structure of human DNA, The Helix Bridge is one of Singapore’s most visually striking landmarks. Opened in 2010, it is a pedestrian only bridge linking the Marina Centre with Marina South in the Bay area. Designed and engineered by a team of architects from both Australia and Singapore. It has four strategically located viewing platforms, giving you the best views of the city skyline and Marina Bay, and the most impressive selfie-moment backdrop. Cleverly designed to shade visitors from the sun and provide shelter from the rain, it’s a mindful structure taking into consideration Singapore’s tropical climate.

The letters

At night, the inner helix uses white light to illuminate a path for pedestrians walking The Helix Bridge, while two pairs of coloured letters, C & G and A & T become the focal point. Highlighted in red and green these letters represent the four bases of DNA: Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine.

The awards

The Helix Bridge’s architectural wonder has won this iconic landmark many awards to date. The Land Transport Authority claim its unique concept is a world first in architectural and engineering bridge design. Add to this the World’s Best Transport Building award at the World Architecture Festival Awards, and winning the Engineering Safety Excellence Awards in 2011, it sure is an internationally recognised masterpiece.

Other interesting facts about The Helix Bridge in Singapore

  • The design of The Helix Bridge resembles the international left handed DNA, which is the opposite of normal DNA
  • The Helix Bridge has earned its place in The Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame in 2010
  • If the steel of the helix structure were stretched end to end, it would measure 2.25km in length
  • The helix structure actually only ever touches at one point under the bridge deck