Gardens by the Bay

One of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks, Gardens by the Bay is a multi-award winning horticultural destination. The original concept to build a ‘City in the Garden’ has been achieved with this 101-hectare of garden artistry. Comprised of two main distinct areas, Bay South and Bay East, it’s a surprising and welcome oasis nestled in this fast-paced city.

The Garden’s calendar is eventful and varied. From festivals to music concerts, movie screenings and educational workshops, it’s the perfect place to spend the day whiling away the hours.

What you’ll see

The three main areas to tick off on a visit to the Gardens by the Bay is Bay South and Bay East. Hop off our Singapore bus tour to take in these top sights.

Bay South Garden, the largest of them all, is home to the impressive, iconic Supertrees. These sky-high vertical gardens comfortably put Singapore on the map for invention and innovation. Your next insta-worthy stop is the Flower Dome, the largest greenhouse in the world. Replicating the Mediterranean climate, displaying plants from five continent, the plant kingdom is truly brought to life. Visitor favourites include Tulipmania, Orchid Extravaganza and Blossom Beats.

Bay East Garden is the place to go to marvel at Singapore’s city skyline. An area of green, completely open to the public, you can pitch up with a picnic, take a wander down the waterfront promenade, and while away the hours in this tranquil space.

Your next stop is Cloud Forest, a 35-metre tall mountain veiled in mist and covered in flora. Visit the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, then descend Cloud Walk for a perspective like no other.

The Supertrees

The distinct Supertrees, originally inspired by an orchid, were built to resemble Singapore’s national flower: Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’. Each tree is between 9 and 16 storeys tall, with the tallest standing at a jaw dropping 50 metres high. These impressive vertical gardens are each filled with more than 163,000 plants of more than 200 species and varieties. Journey down the walkway suspended between two Supertrees, for a birds-eye-view of these unique gardens. The large canopies at the top offer welcome shade in the day, then come to life at night with an animated light and sound show.

Other interesting facts about Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

  • Gardens by the Bay won the Largest Glass Greenhouse in the Guinness World Records in 2015
  • A total of 70 entries by 170 firms from 24 countries submitted designs for the original concept of Gardens by the Bay
  • A research facility was set up to study the most efficient way to bloom non-native flowers, costing $7 million