The Pantheon – Rome’s most complete masterpiece

A masterpiece of design and architecture, even today the Pantheon has the ability to leave spectators speechless. A breathtaking showcase of proportion, elegance and harmony, it prompted even the great artist Michelangelo to declare it the work of angels, not humans.

Looking for Roman architecture at its finest? Then look no further. Probably the best-preserved Roman monument in a city that’s bursting with them, the Pantheon has survived wars, time and gravity with all its splendour and beauty intact.

A living history lesson

Its present form dates to the time of Hadrian, around 119 – 128 AD, with its exact building materials still a mystery. Marvel at its incredible dome, the largest in the world for more than 1,300 years, and still the biggest unsupported example.

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Other interesting facts about the Pantheon

  • The height to the oculus (hole) and diameter are both exactly 43.2 metres (142 feet) – meaning that a perfect sphere would fit exactly inside
  • The only light source is the oculus, supposedly forming a direct connection between the temple and the gods above
  • The temple was dedicated to all the gods, or ‘pan theos’, hence the name
  • The Pantheon was originally built in 27 – 25 BC by the magistrate Marcus Agrippa
  • After Christianity replaced paganism in Rome, the Pantheon was abandoned in 356 AD until a new decree repurposed it as a church