The most fashionable square in Paris

Place Vendôme, Paris is a stunning square, surrounded by prestigious Parisian townhouses. It’s located in the highly desirable ‘première arrondissement’, just to the north of the Tuileries Gardens and east of the La Madeleine Church.

On our Paris bus tour, you cruise straight through the middle of the square – getting a superb view of the famous Vendôme Column and the impressive architecture.

History of the Place Vendôme

The square was commissioned by Louis XIV and designed by the architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. But when state finances ran low, the King sold it to the famous economist and financier, John Law. The square was completed in 1720.

The Vendôme Column at the square’s centre was erected by Napoleon to commemorate the battle of Austerlitz. This famous victory in 1805 was arguably his finest hour, when he defeated the combined Austrian and Russian armies.

Other interesting facts about the Place Vendôme

  • The Vendôme Column is made from the cannon captured from the Russian-Austrian army
  • The Place Vendôme is renowned for its deluxe hotels such as the Ritz
  • The townhouses and apartments around the square have had many famous residents, including the fashion designer Coco Chanel
  • Place Vendôme was a 1998 movie starring Catherine Deneuve