An island village in the city

The tropical oasis of Coconut Grove actually existed before the metropolis of Miami was developed, and it still offers a tranquil refuge from big city living. Our Miami Bus Tour allows you to hop off right in the heart of this charming bayside village.

Looking for something a little different? The lush greenery of Miami’s Coconut Grove has always appealed to outsiders, with settlers establishing the village way of living back in 1825. It’s still home to a culturally diverse crowd, with an incredible range of culinary goodies to sample. You can’t help but pick up the pioneer spirit of the place, with its celebration of all things arty, off-the-wall and a little bit rebellious.

It’s easy going green

You’ll find yourself easily enticed by the upmarket streets of Coconut Grove, and visitors with a sweet tooth will adore the superb selection of treats available in the village’s cake shops. But for a true slice of paradise, check out the magnificent Kampong Botanical Garden and recreated 16th century Italian Villa Vizcaya. Before you hop back on the bus, relax in the leafy shade of one of the many open-air cafes that line the streets.

Other interesting facts about Coconut Grove

  • Miami annexed Coconut Grove and made it a formal part of the city in 1920
  • Famous residents have included Alexander Graham Bell, Tennessee Williams and David Crosby
  • Coconut Grove has been the setting for several major Hollywood movies including Scarface, Meet the Fockers and Bad Boys
  • Dr Horace P. Porter gave the village its unusual name after being stationed here and setting up a post office, which he called Coconut Grove
  • The first hotel on the South Florida mainland was located here