Thanks to its unique heritage and strategic location, Hong Kong has been a melting pot of cultures and cuisines for generations. As a result, the city is home to a mouth-watering selection of western inspired specialities and Chinese classics.

Thanks to the wealth of markets, family-run restaurants and exclusive eateries that dot the city, you’ll never be short of outstanding things to eat in Hong Kong…


Now available in many flavour variations, including chocolate, ginger, honey, and even green tea, the Hong Kong egg tart was first introduced to the country in the 1940s. Introduced from Macau, the egg tart is a variant of the Portuguese pastel de nata, and is made with short or puff pastry, lard, and an egg custard, traditionally 'eggier' and less creamy than English variants. The tart is served hot with a smooth, glassy finish.

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Though a number of Hong Kong restaurants offer a version of Beef Brisket, Kau Kee, in Central, does one of the best in the city. Served on a bed of noodles, bathed in a flavour-packed broth that’s bursting with spices, this is one local dish you won’t want to miss. Think you know brisket? Think again.

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Red Route, Stop: Red-Levels Escalator (for Kau Kee Food Café)


Like beef brisket, wanton noodle is best served with a broth that’s packed full of flavour. This is poured over fresh egg noodles and garnished with yellow chives before the plump wantons are placed delicately on top. Traditionally, wantons are placed at the bottom along with a spoon and yellow chives, then the broth is added, with the fresh egg noodles to be added last. In Hong Kong, wantons are filled with a mixture of pork and shrimp, wrapped in a delicate pasta and then cooked in the broth. Head to your nearest traditional food stall for an authentic wonton experience.

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Originating from nearby Guangdong, wind sand chicken is now one of Hong Kong’s favourite dishes. Roasted in the oven until the skin is golden brown, the chicken is then covered in a very generous helping of fried garlic and served with the fowl’s head as an eye-catching garnish.

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Want to try one of Hong Kong’s most authentic snacks? Don't miss the chance to try a pineapple bun. This soft roll is topped with a crunchy sweet exterior, giving it a pineapple-like appearance. Traditionally, it is served hot with a square of butter inside, to melt as you enjoy the bun. In 2014, Hong Kong's government even included the bun on its list of 480 items of living heritage.

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Of all the egg waffles available in Hong Kong, Lee Keung Kee on King’s Road in North Point offers the most famous. One of the most popular street snacks in the city, egg waffles (also known as egg puffs, or eggettes) are made from a sweet, rich batter cooked between two plates, which introduces a unique repeating egg pattern to the surface of the waffle. Popular new flavours include strawberry, coconut and chocolate.

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Blue Route, Stop: The Peninsula (for Lee Keung Kee)


Flavoured with shiitake mushrooms, chunks of chicken and various eastern spices, lotus leaf rice lives up to its exotic name. All ingredients are combined, then steamed inside a lotus leaf wrapping, which imparts a subtle fragrance. Unlike some rice side dishes, lotus leaf rice is a rich delicacy, usually served as a meal in its own right. In addition to the unique flavouring, much of the pleasure of eating lotus leaf rice comes from simply unwrapping the lotus leaf parcel to enjoy the treat within.

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The quintessential dining experience that is Dim Sum should be regarded as an unmissable element of any visit to Hong Kong. Sit down to this traditional pastime, and you'll enjoy a parade of fine delicacies, from steamed dumplings and bao buns, to spicy soups, meatballs, spring rolls and more. Make sure you leave room for dessert, as the show continues with sweet dishes such as mango pudding, egg tart and rice sugar cake.

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If you’re a fan of Chinese food back home, this is one recipe that may well be familiar. Though it originated in Hong Kong, this sticky, sweet and sumptuous dish is now a staple of takeaway menus around the world. Thanks to its popularity, the dish is available everywhere in the city, ensuring you have plenty of chances to indulge in this tasty classic during your stay.

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With its waterfront location and rich maritime history, a number of Hong Kong’s favourite dishes have a fishy theme. Fish balls are most commonly served hot with a sweet or spicy sauce, though they can also be served in a hotpot or with noodle soup. Make sure you try this traditional delicacy.

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You can quite easily spend your entire time here feasting on these delicious dishes. Continue your culinary tour around the city with our recommendations for the Best Restaurants in Hong Kong.