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Tour Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Departure time: 10:30am, Saturday & Sunday

Aberdeen & Stanley Tour (Green Route)

Hop on our Aberdeen & Stanley Tour (Green Route) to discover the lush southern bays of Hong Kong Island.

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Central Star Ferry Pier 7

Man Kwong Street (outside Central Ferry Pier 7 main entrance)

First Bus: 10:30
Last Bus: 10:30
  • International Finance Centre (IFC)
  • Star Ferry
  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum


23 Carmel Road, coach parking area at rear of Stanley Plaza

First Bus: 12:30
Last Bus: 12:30
  • Stanley
  • Stanley Market
  • Murray House


Kwun Hoi Path, roundabout next to sampan sightseeing pier

First Bus: 12:55
Last Bus: 12:55
  • Aberdeen
  • Sampan Ride
  • Jumbo Kingdom