The Green Planet

The Green Planet at City Walk in Dubai is an experience like no other. A man-made tree stands 25-metres tall, surrounded by a living ecosystem developed by leading scientists, zoologists and architects from around the world. Experience the sights and sounds of the Amazon. Start inside the Flooded Forest where stingray and turtles swim. Witness birds of all shapes and sizes swooping the canopy and listen to their distinctive soundtrack. Meet the resident sloths and other fascinating species. And be sure to stop and be mesmerised by the indoor waterfall that trickles from the ceiling right through to the basement.

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The Bat Cave

Fruit Bats play an important role in the rainforest ecosystem by helping trees to propagate, spreading their seeds far and wide. Learn all about these fascinating creatures in the Bat Cave at The Green Planet. A unique and interactive experience.

The Weird and Wonderful

Spot some of the world’s weird and wonderful creatures at The Green Planet in Dubai. There’s the Cuban Amazon Parrot, distinguished by their modest size and red colouring on their head. Leaf Cutter Ants, known for their intricate fungal structures. And Sugar Gliders, nocturnal mammals that have a thin skin flap behind their arms that allows them to glide from tree to tree.

The Rainforest

At The Green Planet you’ll learn all about the Rainforest from the top down. Starting with The Canopy where bats fly and sloths hang. Below that The Midstory, with monkeys, snakes and birds taking up residence. Down to the Forest Floor, with ants hard at work and gliders moving between the trees. Then finally the flooded forest, where a whole underwater world exists.

SSSSay Hello

The Burmese Python is the largest snake species in the world. They reach a staggering 20-feet long and can weigh in as heavy as 200lbs. They are native to Southeast Asia and are easily spotted by their patterned skin. At The Green Planet, visitors get the chance to meet and even touch the resident pythons and boas.