The Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore is a national holiday that brings the carnival spirit to the city. Falling on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month with full moon at night (so late September to early October) it is a harvest festival celebrated with family gatherings, giving thanks and, of course, lots of fun events hosted across the city.  

If you happen to be in Singapore during Mid Autumn Festival you’ll be in for a treat…

Tasty moon cakes

Making and sharing moon cakes is one of the biggest traditions during the Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore. So there’ll be plenty around to taste. Believed to have originated from Yuan-dynasty in the 13th century, it is said the pastries were used to pass around secret messages to one another. Today they’re just great for eating. Traditionally filled with lotus seed paste, these days you’ll find all kinds of modern flavours to try like chocolate and champagne truffle. One custom is to pile 13 mooncakes on top of one another to mimic a pagoda.

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Magical lantern displays

The city is decorated in beautiful lanterns, a sight to see particularly at night. And for a lantern display in all its glory visit Chinatown, where hundreds of intricately designed and handcrafted mini lanterns light up the streets. That’s one for Instagram. Be sure to catch the picturesque procession.

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Red Line Route, Stop: Chinatown

Gardens by the Bay Festival

The energy is high during the Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore, and the carnival spirit very much alive. Neighbourhoods across Singapore bring their own celebrations, hosting performances, setting up games and even doing palm readings. Head to Gardens by the Bay for the possibly the most beautiful party. A full cultural programme is laid on with performances, street food and traditional Chinese crafts. All to a backdrop of the iconic Supertrees and vertical gardens.

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Green Line Route, Stop: Gardens by the Bay

Moonfest – A Mid Autumn Celebration

An annual traditional Chinese arts festival, Moonfest is a great place to celebrate with family. Featuring more than 60 activities, some free, some ticketed, you’ll enjoy a variety of folk arts performances such as Chinese opera, cross-talk, the popular lantern walkabout and puppetry. Fun for everyone.

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Blue Line Route, Stop: Esplanade

The second most important Chinese festival in the calendar, the Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore is a special celebration to witness and be a part of. A time to mingle with locals and really immerse yourself in the culture of this city. The colour and spirit creates a spectacle you won’t forget in a hurry. And when your energy is spent, hop on a Big Bus tour and we'll take you for a scenic spin around Singapore - passing by all of the city's famous landmarks and attractions, you can tick off your sightseeing checklist while you're relaxing on the top deck.