Once you’ve spotted the Hunchback at Notre Dame, taken a selfie with the Eiffel Tower backdrop, and admired the Mona Lisa, the only thing left to do is start your culinary journey around Paris. With so much traditional French food to choose from, we’ve rounded up a list of the must-try dishes in Paris and the bistros, brasseries and restaurants to have them at…

Crepes (or Galettes)

Lighter than the average pancake, a crepe is a whisper-thin pastry usually finished with a sweet or savoury topping. Eating just one is nearly impossible and with so many pop up creperies around Paris, you can grab as many as you want as often as you wish. Find these cheap eats all over Paris:

Everyone’s go-to creperie when in Paris, expect the most delicious treat whether you go sweet or savoury.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Grand Palais

Breizh Café
Known for being one of trendy restaurants in Paris, you’ll be eating crepes with the locals when you dine here. Double up on the Nutella!


Is there any breakfast pastry better than the French croissant? Crisp and flaky on the outside, warm, buttery and soft on the inside… we’d hop on the earliest flight for these alone. This is a must-try for everyone visiting Paris. Stop by any of these places:

Tout Autour du Pain
What if we told you this place serves award-winning croissants? If you don’t believe us just wait for your very first mouthful.

Maison Gregoire
Worth the short walk from Notre Dame, you’ll smell the delicious aroma of these croissants before you see them. Treat yourself to this crumbly delight.
Red Tour Route: Stop, Notre Dame


Originating in French cafés as a light snack for those on the go, the croque-monsieur is a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese smothered in béchamel sauce. When topped with a fried egg, this delicious French dish is known as a croque-madame. Some of our favourites include:

Madame Messieurs
A perfect spot for breakfast or for picking up a toasted sandwich from the hole in the wall. You’ll enjoy every bite.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Gare du Nord

Madame Croque Monsieur
One of the best spots for an authentic croque-monsieur. Make sure you try one of their cakes too, they are to die for!
Red & Blue Tour Route, Stop: Louvre-Pyramide / Big Bus Information Centre

Duck Confit

Typical French food doesn’t get much better than this. Made with the entire duck and left to salt-cure for 36 hours before gently cooking in its own fat, duck confit is considered one of the finest French dishes. Expect a really tender dish. Eat at these Paris restaurants:

Josephine Chez Dumonet
Arguably one of the best French bistros in Paris, we recommend adding this restaurant to the very top of your list. No matter what you order you’re bound to clear your plate. The duck confit is exceptionally good.

Les Philosophes
In the heart of Marais sits one of our favourite restaurants. Go here if you want authentic French food cooked to perfection using the freshest ingredients.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Notre Dame


A staple part of French cuisine.  Normally served as an appetizer, escargot is a delicacy consisting of cooked land snails drenched in butter and garlic. It can be a little daunting working out how to eat this if it’s your first time trying this dish. The trick is to grip the snail with the tong provided and use a snail fork to pull out the meat. Reserve a table here:

L'Escargot Montorgueil
The restaurant is named after the dish, that’s how you know it’s going to be great. A short walk from the Louvre, it’s the perfect location for an early dinner on a sunny day.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Louvre-Pont des Arts

Le Bouillon Chartier
Don’t be put off by how touristy the reputation for this place seems to be. People eat here when they visit Paris because they can count on some of the most delectable escargot in the city.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Opéra Garnier

Foie Gras

Delicate and refined, foie gras is a real French delicacy, perfect for those who want to eat like the Parisians do and immerse themselves in all parts of the city’s culture. Those who haven’t tried foie gras before can expect a taste and sensation close to liver. We recommend:

Comptoir de la Gastronomie
You’ll be spoilt for choice when you dine here, everything on the menu is delicious. Whatever you decide to dine on make sure you order their foie gras, it’s one of the best in Paris.
Red & Blue Tour, Stop: Louvre-Pyramide / Big Bus Information Centre

Le Colimaçon Marais
A great local restaurant with unbeatable food, that’s what you can expect if you choose to try the foie gras or any other dish here.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Notre Dame

French Macarons

A beloved French dessert. A sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, sugar, almond powder, and food colouring. Found in a varying assortment of flavours, a typical macaron is presented with a ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two pieces of meringue. Try them here:

Paris is full of this iconic patisserie. And it’s no surprise when you try one of their macarons. Positively delicious in every single way, you’ll be tempted to pop in and try a new concoction every time you walk by.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Grand Palais

Pierre Hermé Paris
You can never have too many macarons, fact! Another strong contender for the best sweet treat in Paris, you have to try some from here too. Thankfully, they’re so small the calories practically don’t count!
Red Tour Route, Stop: Musée d'Orsay

Frog legs

Have you ever heard the joke that unusual meats tend to taste just like chicken? Well turns out, there’s some truth to the humour.  Those daring enough to try this traditional French dish can expect a delicious delicacy certain to make their visit memorable. Our favourites include:

Sacrée fleur
Expect large portions for a reasonable price at this hidden gem in Paris. The frog legs here are divine but so is pretty much everything else on the menu.
Blue Tour Route, Stop: Gare du Nord

Le Louis
Arguably one of the best restaurants in Paris, those dining at Le Louis can expect to feast on delicious, traditional French cuisine as they are serenaded by the pianist.
Red & Blue Tour, Stop: Louvre-Pyramide / Big Bus Information Centre

Le Grand Colbert
One of the oldest brasseries in France, guests can choose from a tasty seafood menu in a truly beautiful setting. Why not go for a pre-theatre appetizer before going to a show at the Paris Opera.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Opéra Garnier

Hot Chocolate

Think you know hot chocolate? Think again. Not much else compares to a rich, delicious cup of molten dark chocolate served in Paris. A sugar fix for a sweet-tooth or a treat for anyone visiting Paris in colder climes. Order one as you walk to your favourite landmark. Pick up a drink here.

Don’t be surprised if after one sip you’re ready to name this ‘the world’s best hot chocolate’. You wouldn’t be alone. Locals flock from all over Paris for a cup of this chocolatey goodness.
Red & Blue Tour, Stop: Louvre-Pyramide / Big Bus Information Centre

Jacques Genin
If you love chocolate this is one of the best restaurants in Paris to visit. Order a pot of the hot chocolate and pair it with your favourite pastry or cake. Go before 3pm or after 6pm to avoid the queues.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Musée d'Orsay


Served in the majority of Paris brasseries, those eating their way around the city can enjoy steak and fries at multiple locations. Known as one of the most common Parisian dishes, the French have perfected a classic. Our suggestions:

Le Relais de l'Entrecote
A short walk from the Louvre, work up an appetite by spending the afternoon exploring the iconic museum first.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Louvre-Pont des Arts

Le Relais de Venise
The perfect place for a classic French steak-frites. The family-owned restaurant has been serving Parisians and tourists alike for over 20 years. There’s no menu when you dine here, simply tell your waiter how you like your steak cooked!
Red Tour Route, Stop: Champs-Elysées

Restaurant Polidor
A secret only the locals know about. Founded in 1845, eat here if you’re looking for an affordable restaurant in Paris that remains untouched by time.
Red Tour Route, Stop: Notre Dame

There are enough popular French foods here to keep you eating throughout your entire trip. Whether you dine at one of our recommendations or stumble across your own, make sure you order one of the traditional delicacies on the menu. And, when you’re done eating, burn off the calories by checking out the 10 Best Museums in Paris