Wandering the streets of Paris and losing yourself in this magical city is an enjoyable way to explore.  But even then you’ll be hard pushed to find its hidden gems and secret attractions. With its world-famous monuments, museums and galleries, you’ll arrive with an already long list of things to do and see. Then when you’ve scaled the Eiffel Tower, shopped along the Champ-Élysées and marvelled at the Louvre Museum, head to one of these hidden gems for a more Paris off the beaten path experience:

Just breathe in Buttes-Chaumont

A Parisian park you’ve probably never heard of, Buttes-Chaumont is one of the city’s biggest and most impressive green spaces. A haven to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Because of its hilly nature, it’s the perfect location to be spoilt for incredible views across the city. So pitch up and enjoy a picnic at this tranquil hidden gem in Paris. Then take a wander and discover its caves, waterfalls, suspended bridge and lake. Be sure to look out for the wildlife – bird watchers will be in for a treat. Bliss.

A taste of multicultural Paris

Once the road travelled by French Kings to enter the city after being crowned in the Cathedral of St. Denis, Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis has transformed over the years into a gourmet food hotspot. Turkish, Kurdish, African and Indian eateries line the streets, with terraces offering great people-watching opportunities while you eat. You know you’re in the right place when the local newsagent serves up award warning falafel, a true hidden gem in Paris. And when you’ve eaten, be sure to spot the two stone arches of Port St. Martin and Porte St. Denis.

Montmartre – Blue Route, Stop: Gare du Nord

Discover a Banksy

If you’re a fan of art, why not make it your mission to find the Banksy murals in Paris. A tribute to the May 1968 uprising, it’s believed there are 12 works of art in total - although a couple are yet to be found. Browse Paris off the beaten path and see if you can discover them! We’ll get you started with your first location: head to Rue du Mont Cenis (18th). On one of the city’s most famous Montmartre staircases, Banksy has painted a rat being popped like a cork from a champagne bottle. Some say it symbolises the area’s festive spirit, what do you think?

For Rue du Mont Cenis:
Montmartre – Blue Route, Stop: Gare du Nord

Salsa in the streets

Picture this: it’s a balmy evening in the city of Paris, the river Seine is glistening, soft music is playing in the background and summer strollers begin to ballroom dance in the streets. Sound like movie set? Well you can be the star. From June through to the end of August you can join the fiesta any night of the week. Head to the Rosa Bonheur sur Seine, at Porte des Invalides, and perfect your salsa, tango, waltz or swing. A great way to also meet the locals. 

For Rosa Bonheur sur Seine:
Classic Route – Red, Stop: Grand Palais

The best bit about exploring Paris off the beaten path is experiencing this city in ways you won’t necessarily find in the guide books. Getting away from the tourist hotspots and losing yourself for a few hours. Of course, you need to tick off the iconic sights and landmarks too, the not so hidden gems in Paris. Hop on a Big Bus tour and we’ll take you to see all the best bits. For more inspiration on how to fill the rest of your time in this cosmopolitan city, check out our 2 Days in Paris itinerary.