Turkey, in miniature

Run out of time to see all of Turkey’s historic sights? No problem. At Miniaturk, Istanbul, you can get round them all in just a few hours. This miniature collection traces the big history of this fascinating country on a small scale.

You can find this enormous outdoor museum and park on the coast of the Golden Horn. Once there you can wander, giant-like, past Hagia Sophia, Aspendos Theater, Suleymaniye Mosque, Sumela Monastery, Fairy Chimneys, Mount Nemrud and the ancient city of Ephesus, as well as many more historical and cultural works of art. All just like the real thing – except displayed on a 1:25 scale. There is even a tiny replica of the Bosphorus Bridge linking Europe and Asia.

The history of Miniaturk

Miniaturk is Istanbul’s first miniature park, and work on it began in June 2001. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened it to visitors in May 2003. When completed, it became the largest smallest city in the world!

Take one of our Istanbul City Bus Tours and you can hop off at Miniaturk, for a little glimpse of the best of tiny Turkey.

Other interesting facts about Miniaturk, Istanbul

  • Miniaturk has 120 models of famous Turkish sights
  • The entire park only took 22 months to build
  • Miniaturk covers over 3,000 years of Turkish history, including the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires
  • Inside Miniaturk there is a Crystal Museum with 3D crystal models of Istanbul’s most important buildings