Looking for the best places to eat in Chicago? There’s plenty to choose from – deep-dish pizza joints, fine-dining spots and succulent steak restaurants. 

Here’s our pick of the top Chicago restaurants to help you out…


This fine-dining restaurant by chef Grant Achatz regularly tops the list of Chicago’s best, and has even been voted one of the best restaurants in the United States numerous times. Everything from the Avant Garde presentation of the dishes to the unique flavour combinations, and the attentive service is exquisite. Each dish from the multi-course tasting menu is designed to be a unique sensory experience – there’s fourteen-texture scallops, apple-flavoured edible helium balloons and see-through pumpkin pie, to name a few. Save this unique establishment for a special occasion and enjoy the most magical meal you’ll ever have.


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Pig out at this Magnificent Mile eatery from Jimmy Bannos Jr, which is all about Mediterranean cuisine and plenty of pork (hence the name). It’s the perfect restaurant for dining out with friends, with small shareable plates on the menu. Take your pick from pork-fried almonds, pig’s ear, and a huge selection of cured meats, cheeses and seafood. When it comes to dessert, you’ve got a range of Mediterranean options to help you finish off that meal, including lemon panna cotta, Italian wedding cookies, and bread pudding.


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It might not fall into the fine dining category, but you can’t visit Chicago without trying a slice of their famous deep-dish pizza. And we promise you, a slice might be all you can handle. These deep-pan Chicago-style pizzas are more like pies, with a thick, high-edged crust and a generous cheese and chunky tomato sauce filling. Pizzaria Uno is where the deep dish pizza was invented back in 1943, so swing by this iconic institution to try the real deal. You can choose the Chicago Classic cheese, tomato and sausage pizza, pick the Chicago Fire spicy chicken pizza, or go crazy with your own selection of toppings. 


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Chicago is a city that loves its meat – there are over 700 steak restaurants in the city alone. One of the oldest and best steakhouses in Chicago is Gene & Georgetti which has been around since 1941. Expect simple, high quality, perfectly-cooked steaks here with fresh vegetable and Italian-inspired sides like garlic mashed potatoes and hot Italian sausage. There’s also a selection of Italian pasta dishes, salad and seafood if you’re not a steak fan. With an extensive wine list, you’ll be able to find the perfect red or white to pair with your meal too.


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The signature cheeseburger at this upscale Chicago burger joint has been named America’s no. 1 burger several times – you just have to try it for yourself. The queues outside this popular place are long, but it’s totally worth the wait. Pick the truffle-infused fries and the cheeseburger à cheval which comes with two patties, cheese, onions and an egg sunny side up. Once you’ve feasted on the best burger of your life, finish up with the famous Mille Feuille dessert which is made up of layers of light puff pastry and creamy vanilla custard. 


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So there you have it – some of the best places to eat in Chicago. Whatever cuisine or dining experience you’re after, the city has it all. Start planning your foodie holiday to Chicago today and tick off these top city restaurants. And when you're suitably fueled, hop on a bus tour for a sightseeing spin around Chicago.