How many States can you see?

You can’t get much higher than this. Willis Tower & Skydeck is second only to One World Trade Center in New York City. In fact it’s the second tallest building in the whole of the western hemisphere. So if you want to go up in the world, this is the place to hop off your Chicago bus tour.

From the top of the tower you’ll have an incredible view of the Windy City below you. But gaze out a little further too. On a clear day they say you can see Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. That’s a lot of the Midwest, all from just one vantage point! You can buy tickets for the Skydeck now or on your Chicago Bus Tour.

A true legend

Take the lift to the 103rd floor and you’ll go straight to the Skydeck. This is where you get the chance to walk out on ‘The Ledge’ – a series of glass bays coming straight out of the building. Look down beneath your feet and observe Chicago’s pavements, some 412 meters (1,352 feet) beneath your feet.

Quite a climb

Two people have climbed the exterior of the Willis Tower. In 1981 Dan Goodwin climbed it using suction cups. While in 1999, Alain Robert did so with his bare hands and bare feet. Towards the end of his climb it got very foggy, which made the glass and steel exterior slippery.

Other interesting facts about Willis Tower & Skydeck

  • The tower first opened in 1973 and has 110 stories
  • It was originally built for Sears and Roebuck Company as an office for its employees
  • In 2009 it was renamed the Willis Tower after the Willis Group Holdings that is now based here
  • There are around 40,000 water sprinkler heads in the building