The Fernsehturm

The Fernsehturm, TV Tower in English, is a famous monument in central Berlin. The tallest building in Germany, and the third tallest structure in Europe (also the highest building in Europe open to the general public), it stands at an impressive 368 metres high. Visible from many of Berlin’s districts, it has become a well-known iconic landmark in Berlin. The TV Tower in Berlin was built to be both a symbol of communist power and of the city itself. Whilst its primary function is to serve as the location for many radio and television broadcasting stations, the TV Tower also has an observation deck flaunting panoramic views of the city from spectacular heights. To add to that, at 203 metres is the Panorama Bar as well as the rotating Sphere Restaurant, both great venues to take it all in.

Symbolic transformation

The TV Tower in Berlin has undergone a radical change in perception. Originally, it stood politically and firmly for the GDR (German Demographic Republic). But after Germany’s reunification, it became a symbol of reunited Berlin. It is listed as one of the ten most popular attractions in Germany, with heritage building status, receiving over 1 million visitors each year.

The View

The view from the observation deck of the TV Tower in Berlin is second to none. Many well-known sights can be spotted from here, including the Reichstag Parliament building, the Olympic Stadium, Tempelhof airport, to name just a few.

Other interesting facts about the TV Tower in Berlin

  • The TV Tower in Berlin has got a quirky hashtag on Instagram #thattoweragain as it is visible from so many districts of the city.
  • The Tower was originally designed to be only 130 metres tall and located in Müggelberge.
  • The TV Tower in Berlin can sway by up to 60cm.
  • Even though the TV Tower in Berlin has become a popular tourist attraction, it is still a fully functioning TV Tower.